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cinematic color presets premiere pro

cinematic color presets premiere pro

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Color Grading for Premiere Pro was never so easy! Just drag and drop the profiles in your timeline. No installation, no wasting time!

You ll get color grading with film elements with just one move! You can also control the intesity of the color and the contrast separated, because everything is organised in adjustement layers. Every video footage is different, so it s crucial to have the ability to adjust the color grading, easily and fastly!

It includes cinematic color profiles based on famous films (Matrix, The Godfather, Amelie, 300, Blade Runner, Titanic, American Beauty, Grand Budapest Hotel, Lost In Translation, Mad Max)


  • Adjust the color intensity. Video tutorial is included!
  • No installation is required!
  • They work in HD and 4K projects too!
  • Excellently organised
  • No plug-in is required
  • No installation is required!
  • Combine 2 or 3 profiles!
  • Profiles are resizable!

19 categories:

  • 15 drone profiles
  • 10 cinematic color profiles based on famous films
  • 20 romantic color presets for wedding and romantic videos<
  • 5 profiles for fixing overexposed clips
  • 50 vintage profiles (with dust scratches)
  • 65 vintage profiles (with film burns)
  • 25 duotone profiles
  • 10 dust & scratches profiles
  • 5 vignette profiles
  • 10 contrast profiles
  • 30 creative color profiles
  • 10 color profiles from 30s, 50s-80s
  • 10 special profiles
  • 10 film genres color profiles
  • 15 extreme profiles
  • 75 dust, scratches and film burns elements

How to use:

  • Drag and drop the profiles on your timeline!
  • Adjust the color intensity!
  • Disable the profiles with only one click and check out your original footages!
  • The profiles are full editable. You can edit them from scratch.
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